This section reflects the many changes to the river over the years.

Building houses

The following photographs show a area of the river that has changed due to the building of homes near to the river. The work that took place at the end of Meadow Road and Yates Court in 1999. Despite major work being undertaken it shows just how the river and the surrounding area recover. You would only have noticed the change if you had been there whilst the work was done!

Flooding in recent years has brought it home how important it is to repair the river bank and where there have been housing developments it is clear that in the majority of cases the river has improved.

Other massive changes have been the continuing improvements in water quality, due to the removal of rubbish, and the clearing of culverts and obstructive vegetation. Although we have in a way become victims of our own success, as we now have problems with types of weed that only thrive in pure water.

Meadow 1

Repairing the river banks

Meadow 3

More work on the banks

More work on the banks

Meadow 6

The river when completed

The river when completed

Meadow 8


How the river has changed

The next six photographs are not in any chronological order but are an historical record of how the river has looked over the last ten years.


Marshalls Field

Just a little over grown

Just a little overgrown

cphoto Hphoto Gphoto I

 Queens Square

Map showing the route of the culvert under Queens Square

Queens Square

Queens Square culvert is an area of Clevedon that most people don’t even know exists and very few have ever seen.   These pictures are a record of the rubbish that had been collecting in the culvert under Queens Square over the years. The installation of a trash screen (initiated by The Land Yeo Friends), adjacent to the Conservative club, has eliminated any chance of this ever happening again!

Extracted and ready for collection

Third load

The culvert after clearing

After it was cleared a temporary trash screen was put in place to keep the rubbish out of the culvert. It was replaced with the present ‘proper’ one in July 2012.

The initial building of the culvert


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