Oct 2013

These are notes prepared for the Oct meeting that unfortunately had to be cancelled.




FINANCES/GRANTS – A cheque for £50 made out to Clevedon Sailing Club, for this years hire required.

RIVER CLEANING – No weed clearing by LYF since last meeting in August as the annual weed clearing in progress by  EA.  Machines have been used down as far as Meadow Road and from Strode Road to Outfall, manual removal by contractors is being carried out through the town.  Stewart spoke to EA operations delivery 11th Sept expressing concerns about the spread of watercress type weed through the town section of the river. It was agreed this was a direct result of the improved water quality and next year as the growth develops we could walk the river bank and record areas of concern which would help the EA in targeting the areas in most need of attention.  In October the section from Strode road to Marshalls field will be checked with a view to organising a LYF work party to clear any rubbish left behind after the weed clearing, the boat will probably be required to reach debris trapped in the reeds.

EQUIPMENT – Nothing to report

FOOTPATHS/WALKS – Should we contact http://www.transitionclevedon.org.uk/ to  have Two Rivers Walk included in Clevedon footpath map when it is completed?         Where can you get hold of the Clevedon Walks leaflet -places include the library, Veg Bbox, Seeley’s Market, Arnett’s , Community Bookshop, Murray’s, Butterflies. Plus all school children will be given one

LEVELS AND FLOW – See Heading The River – levels

TOWN SECTION – Some cut weed accumulating on trash screen, NSC reminded weed cutting in progress and should be complete by end of Sept, screen will be cleared when weed cutting complete.  It can be worthwhile looking around the river even on a busy week day,  a Heron has been spotted  fishing between the Curzon and Waverly House.


  1. Trevor’s Section – On the opposite bank from South Clevedon Playing Field extensive growth has been noted on willow planted by the riparian owners to reinforce the riverbank, this should normally be kept in check by an annual cut. Hopefully some time in October a work party will be organised to cut back shrubs and saplings on the opposite bank from Trevor and Chris.
  2. Bernard’s Section – Watercress type weed has been sprayed between M5 and Court Lane where access is difficult, most of the section under the trees is clear.
  3. Stewart’s Section – Most of the weed in Linden Homes narrow section has been cleared manually, hope fully the remainder will  be taken care of by the machines. A heron has paid a few visits since access has been improved by EA cutting back growth on river bank, a kingfisher has also been recently spotted. EA operatives have also commented on the large shoals of fish in river this year.  Unusually and unfortunately for the moorhens another air borne predator thought to have been a sparrow hawk has been observed by neighbours swooping and taking chicks from the river.
  4. Frank’s Section – EA have been cutting the Seawall / Marshall’s field and the river bank top (only).

PUBLICITY – No report

WEBSITE – No Report

ANY OTHER BUSINESS – Various groups – Friends of Poets Walk / Wood Cutters for Wild Life – will be joining with volunteers from St Andrew’s Church in the coming weeks to improve the view of the church from the pathway near the main entrance. Dates have not yet been confirmed but will be posted on our pages when they are should you wish to join in – it is hoped that it will be a Saturday between 10 – 12.



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