Oct 2015



MINUTES of a meeting held on 1st October 2015 at Clevedon Sailing Club

PRESENT: David Robinson, Stewart Edwards, Judith James, Geoff Harrison, Mike Fearon

APOLOGIES: Mike Adames, Paul Trowbridge, Trevor and Chris Incles

  1. MINUTES of meeting held on 6th August were approved
  2. FINANCES/GRANTS – nothing to report
  3. RIVER CLEANING – Stewart reported that on 12 August, he and Trevor had removed 2 supermarket trolleys and a road sign near Strode Road bridge and another trolley and tree branch by Northern Way. The scrap metal was taken to NS Metal Recycling where we received £3 credit. Weed cutting was carried out by EA from Tickenham to M5 and some growth on river bank has been cut from Strode Road to the outfall. SE had been informed by EA that manual weed cutting would be starting in the town section that week. Some watercress had been cleared by Parnell Road culvert but weed is still choking the river downstream and as a result there has been an increase in level upstream as far as Shoplands culvert.
  4. EQUIPMENT – SE is having some work done which will involve scaffolding around his garage which will prevent access to boat and trailer for some time. No alternative parking was available
  5. FOOTPATHS/WALKS – Andy Carroll of NSC was dealing with problem of drainage from Brunel Engraving building on to Jacobs Walk. A plan was awaiting approval by EA.
  6. LEVELS AND FLOW – The flow in the river was checked at Jacklands Bridge on 13 August where there appeared to be more water flowing there than downstream at Tickenham Mill. This could indicate either a possible leakage on the elevated section to Tickenham Church or that water was being extracted for crop irrigation. The EA had investigated complaint by owner of Watercress Farm that water was being diverted from river to fill a fishing lake, but nothing was found to support this claim. Dry conditions continued until 22nd August when there was a torrential downpour which caused flash flooding in Station Road, Old Church Road and Old Street. 17 mm rain fell in as many minutes and within an hour the river level had risen by 10 cm. Concerns have been raised by the LYF that such an event could result in flood water overflowing into the river. SE had e-mailed the EA and NSC with photographs to illustrate our concerns and to highlight the importance of keeping the town section of the river clear of obstructions. (Correspondence attached). The flow through the town is currently restricted by the spread of watercress. On 13 September the level at Cooks Clyse was 4.8 m with some water flowing over the weir. Level at outfall recently noted at 4.3 m. M Fearon reported that the spring by Towerhouse Wood is still flowing and that the Moorend Spout is a SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest). The Drainage Board keep that area wet.

A Bernard’s section – Weed clearing had taken place upstream from M5 and watercr ess in mouth of culvert removed.

B Stewart’s section – Water here is clear and there are healthy number of fish. Kingfishers has been spotted. River is still relatively weedfree from Meadow Road to culvert under tyre depot.

C Town Section – The trash screen at Old Dairy Court is now being regularly maintained by the Curo group. NSC now have their own team to clear the trash screen by Conservative Club. It is now checked regularly and we have been advised that we should continue to make NSC aware if debris starts to accumulate, which is to be expected when weed cutting starts.

D Trevor’s Section – Residents are still expressing concern about growth of watercress. Information that EA will carry out weed cutting soon has been passed on. No update from EA with regard to their investigation into building on Coleridge Vale bank.

E Paul’s Section – No update from EA with regard to investigation into building on river bank behind property at junction of Tennyson Avenue and Southern Way. Growth on the riverbank has been cut prior to weed removal in the river. A resident in Macleod Close has contacted us expressing concern about growth in the river.

8 PUBLICITY – There was a report and photographs of the flooding in Mercury edition of 26th August. This edition also carried David’s appeal for volunteers. David will try to maintain interest.

9 WEBSITE – Website has been updated with information with regard to use of local rivers for boating and kayaking and to cause minimum disturbance to wild life and riparian owner. It has been suggested that the Blind Yeo is more suitable than the Land Yeo for water sport.

10 AOB – The Sailing Club has been booked for the following meetings:- 10th December, 2015, 4th February, 7th April, 2nd June, 4th August and 1st September 2016. The Baptist Church had offered a room but at the same price as Sailing Club. David had contacted Chairman of Clevedon Town Council asking for a room for our meetings for free. M Adames had suggested that we should have a town councillor on our committee.

11 DATE OF NEXT MEETING – Thursday, 10th December 2015 at 7.30 pm at Clevedon Sailing Club.


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