Feb 2014

The following is a summary of our meeting, using abridged notes from the official minutes they are not intended to be a replacement of those minutes, a full copy of the minutes are available from the group Secretary.

Meeting held,  6th February 2014

PRESENT: Stewart Edwards (Chair), Jackie Tait, David Robinson, Alan Cotton, Paul Trowbridge, Judith James

APOLOGIES: Michael Adames, Trevor Incles, Chris Incles, Colin Robinson

MINUTES OF LAST MEETING – New order of agenda introduced following suggestion from Simon in the December meeting.

FINANCES/GRANTS – Stewart informed the meeting that for personal reasons Frank was unable to continue as Treasurer. Stewart thanked Frank for considerable contributions and support to the group over the years.

The meeting appointed Michael Adames as Treasurer.

We received a donation from Peter Griffin and it was note that the subscription for the website would be due soon.

Funds stand at £222.63

RIVER CLEANING – Details of the river clearing are noted on the web page under ‘Diary’. As and when conditions allow a working party will clear the river from the area by Waverley House to South Clevedon Playing Fields

EQUIPMENT – New permit obtained for the amenity site. Paul kindly agreed to store some of our equipment – waders and tool kit supplied by EA.

FOOTPATHS/WALKS – No news on the permission required to use the Blind Yeo river bank to complete the Two Rivers Walk

LEVELS AND FLOW – See Heading The River – levels


  1. Bernard’s Section  – Culvert under Northern Way cleared
  2. Stewart’s Section – Levels improved – as a possible result of the wet condition it is noted slumping of the river bank opposite his garden.
  3. Town Section – The new arrangement with NSC re the trash screen by the Conservative Club has seen it being cleared more frequently also we hope to remove a large ivy bush soon.  Redland Housing contacted about clearing their trash screen.
  4. Trevor’s Section – The clearance of trash screens have seen a improvement in the levels. New contact asked to be included on the mailing list.
  5. Frank’s Section -Rubbish removed as noted under river cleaning. NSC have erected a sign showing the incorrect name ‘Middle Path’ .

PUBLICITY – Letter printed in North Somerset times referring to the work done by the LYF to help reduce the risk of flooding.

WEBSITE – David now has access to the site.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS – It was noted that recent high tides had washed up a lot of rubbish by the outfall. Membership list and e-mail addresses to be updated.

North Somerset local flood management strategy. Stewart brought attention to the group that a consultation document has been posted on their website, dealing with the way that they deal with surface water. Stewart said that he would compose a e-mail response outlining the importance of clearing trash screens/gutters/drains/underpasses, David and Simon to review before sending.

DATE  OF NEXT MEETING –  3rd April at 7.30 pm at the Sailing Club.


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