Aug 2014

The following is a summary of our meeting, using abridged notes from the official minutes they are not intended to be a replacement of those minutes, a full copy of the minutes are available from the group Secretary.

Meeting held,  7th August 2014

PRESENT: Stewart Edwards (Chair), David Robinson, Paul Trowbridge, Michael Adames, Judith James

APOLOGIES: Jackie Tait, Simon Osborn, Frank Jacobs, Trevor & Chris Incles 


FINANCES/GRANTS – Cash at bank, £183.63. A cheque for £50 had been issued to Sailing Club for hire of room. Bank statements are still being sent to the wrong address

RIVER CLEANING –  The amount of watercress and the rate of growth this year has been unprecedented, most having occurred during the nesting season when wildlife should not be disturbed. By the end of June downstream of Court Lane the weed was spanning the river for about 100 m and restricting the flow through the town. Photos and a report had been put on website. EA had been updated on several occasions and on 27 June machines were sent to clear the river from Court Lane to behind Castlewood.


Following a complaint from a resident the river was clear from the Yearling Ditch to the motorway by machine. The weed in the town will be sprayed and when it dies back the contractors will manually remove it.


EQUIPMENT – David has been in contact with NSC regarding access with the trailer to the amenity site on Mondays and Fridays. It has been agreed we could access the site on these days if we notify them in advance. Alex is fabricating a stronger grapnel hook.

FOOTPATHS/WALKS – A letter accompanied by maps have been sent to Triangle Farm asking for permission to use the edge of two of the fields next to the Blind Yeo to complete a safe route for the Two Rivers Walk.

LEVELS AND FLOW – See Heading The River – levels


As reported above all sections have recored more watercress that normal

Bernard’s Section  – Following the storm on 1st August the river turned black in colour for several hours. The water runoff from the south bound section of the motorway passes through a settling pit in a field and then flows into a ditch and through to the Land Yeo. The pit is overgrown and silt and debris from the motorway have not been cleared for years. The discolouration and possible pollution have been reported with photographs to EA who have said they will take the matter up with the Highways Agency.

Stewart’s Section -Ducks  on the river

Town Section – Trash screen to be cleared as some weed has accumulated after the cutting in June. Work party to remove bush by Conservative Club to be arranged. Culverts checked recently.

Trevor’s Section – It is quite clear at times and a pair of swans visit regularly and there are numerous ducks and some quite large fish. A pair of moorhens have raised 4 chicks  The willows have been cut back but there is one branch that will have to be reached next time the boat is in the area.

Frank’s Section  – July 25th Stewart and David assisted Bob Smisson with a survey of part of Marshalls Field. They were trying to establish if the masonry on one of the banks extended under the field as it was thought it might be the remains of a bridge but Bob is now of the opinion that it was more likely to do with the control of water in a channel that linked Land Yeo to Middle Yeo.

For more information please see ‘mill’ under the river section heading.

PUBLICITY – none reported

WEBSITE – Residents have raised issues regarding weed growth in the river -Stewart has provided appropriate replies. There have been other changes mainly to combine pages.


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