Apr 2013

The following is a summary of our meeting, using abridged notes from the official minutes they are not intended to be a replacement of those minutes, a full copy of the minutes are available from the group Secretary.

Meeting held on Thursday, 4 April 2013 at Clevedon Sailing Club

PRESENT: Jacike Tate (Chair), David Robinson, Stewart Edwards,  Frank Jacobs, Mike Adames, Chris & Trevor Incles, Alex South

APOLOGIES:  Paul Trowbridge, Judith James, Kay Newrick, Simon Osborn, Pete Cornock, Maurice O’Connell, Patricia Owens, Jim Scoyy, Maurice Bolden


FINANCES/GRANTS – No expenses reported – balance as of 4/3/13 – £311.24.

The Constitution requires that the treasurer has two original signatories so that they can deal with the bank – Jackie and Mike volunteered.

RIVER CLEANING – 20/3 Stewart and Simon collected rubbish from the South Clevedon Playing Field bridge to Strode Road bridge including the cutting back of buddleia that was dropping into the river. Pictures of the rubbish under the bridge were taken along with a possible position for a litter bin – see web page for details. Steve and Stewart removed weeds and debris from a collapsed and the rebuilding of a wall (that had not cleared by the builder), from behind the Funeral Directors and Leslie Dark’s. Weeds and silt cleared from beneath the foot bridge at the junction of the Yearling Ditch with the Land Yeo – not cleared last year by the Environment Agency when silt was removed form this section as the machine could not reach under the bridge.

EQUIPMENT – EA have provided – 2 “manure” forks (as reported at the last meeting)

FOOTPATHS/WALKS – (MA)  reported that the two river walk was progressing – Jody Grabham has no objections to the plan. However this will require:-

1) A licence agreement for a permissive path as there is a requirement for the path to be closed for maintenance

2) Discussions with the Angling Club and other landowners – such as tenant farms who lease the land for grazing

Two stiles will be need to be constructed, for which we as a group would not be responsible for. All in all it’s looking very promising.

LEVELS AND FLOW – See entry under ‘the river’ section of the web page for details

TOWN SECTION – Due to the cold weather no plans have yet been agreed with James Shopland to clear the culvert. Redland Housing have cleared their trash screen and removed rubbish form the river. Kenn Road trash screen – Not cleared since 9/1/13 our letter to North Somerset Council 30/1/ 13 has received no response. SE to provide contact details to JT who peruse this with NSC


  1. Trevor’s Section – Everything is pretty dormant
  2. Bernard’s Section – River cleared as reported above – EA to be asked to clear the watercress when it starts growing – water that had be lying in the fields has dried up.
  3. Stewart’s Section – River looking good all rubbish cleared from footbridge at Meadow Road – A duck sitting on eggs
  4. Frank’s Section -Swans nesting near Southern Way bridge.

PUBLICITY – Article with pictures in Clevedon coloured booklet (DR)

WEBSITE – No report

ANY OTHER BUSINESS – Welcome to Alex South – he is keen to help with fund raising contact details provided

DATE  OF NEXT MEETING – 6 June at 7.30 pm at the Sailing Club.


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