Apr 2014

The following is a summary of our meeting, using abridged notes from the official minutes, they are not intended to be a replacement of those minutes, a full copy of the minutes are available from the group Secretary.

Meeting held,  4th April 2014

PRESENT: Stewart Edwards (Chair), Jackie Tait, Mike Adames, Frank Jacobs, Simon Osborn, Trevor and Chris Incles, Alan Cotton, Paul Trowbridge

APOLOGIES: Bernard Grey, David Robinson


FINANCES/GRANTS – Transfer of accounts completed and last donation banked

Funds stand at £242.63

RIVER CLEANING – Details of the river clearing are noted on the web page under ‘Diary’. As and when conditions allow a working party will clear the river of branches from the area by South Clevedon Playing Fields

EQUIPMENT – Request to NS to see if they will agree to us being able to use the amenity site every day of the week – A new grappling hook is being put together by Alex.

FOOTPATHS/WALKS – Possible new pathway to overcome the missing section to be explored

LEVELS AND FLOW – See Heading The River – levels


  1. Bernard’s Section  – Tree branches and rubbish were removed. A slight build up of silt has been noticed in the first 50 metres of the Land Yeo downstream from the Yearling Ditch, the EA have been informed and have advised they will clear it when the weed cutting takes place later in the year.
  2. Stewart’s Section – The number of ducks has decreased recently which is probably due to some leaving for other nesting sites, one however met with an unfortunate end, a neighbour after hearing a commotion on the river bank saw a duck taken by a fox during the night. The water has been clear and large shoals of fish have been seen recently.
  3. Town Section -North Somerset Council responded again to a request for their trash screen to be cleared at the end of February. As the amount of weed being carried down by the river has decreased, it was not necessary to make a request for clearing at the end of March. The bush in the river by the Conservative Club has been cleared
  4. Trevor’s Section – All looking good
  5. Frank’s Section -Swans have been seen on this section but there is no evidence of nesting.

PUBLICITY – Geoff Hale has filmed some of our work recently and will cover LYF achievements/activities in the next Clevedon News video. Correspondence from Liam Fox MP about flooding was explained by Stewart Edwards and a discussion followed on this and filming on flooding and the Land Yeo by Geoff Hale.  Stewart, Geoff and Alan are to meet regarding future filming.

WEBSITE – Dr Fox report re the work carried out to reduce the possibility of flooding in North Somerset available on the web page –  There have been over 7,500 visits to the site with 70 to 80 visits from other countries.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS – Membership list and e-mail addresses updated. J


DATE  OF NEXT MEETING –  5th June at 7.30 pm at the Sailing Club.


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