Dec 2014

The following is a summary of our meeting, using abridged notes from the official minutes they are not intended to be a replacement of those minutes, a full copy of the minutes are available from the group Secretary.

Minutes held  4 December 2014

PRESENT: David Robinson (Chair), Stewart Edwards, Michael Adames, Paul Trowbridge, Jackie Tait, Chris Incles, Trevor Incles, Judith James

APOLOGIES: Simon Osborn

No meeting was held in September. The Minutes of the meeting on 7 August were approved

FINANCES/GRANTS – £48.61 for the renewal of the insurance for punt and trailer  was the same as last year. Balance at bank: £132.02.

Ways of raising funds were discussed.  M Adames to provide a draft for consideration at the next next meeting.

RIVER CLEANING – All weed clearing  was completed at the end of October. Down stream from the town centre machines were used. Work started  in South Clevedon Playing Fields and were used to clear everything they could reach as far as the outfall. The remainder was cleared manually by contractors. On 12 October, a work party recovered the rubbish left on the river bank and placed in the trailer which was then taken to the amenity site. Paul/Simon/Alex /Stewart

EQUIPMENT – nothing to report

FOOTPATHS/WALKS – We were saddened to hear that Frank had passed away.  Several of the group attended the celebration of Frank’s life. His contribution to our activities will be greatly missed by the LYF and it has been suggested that in his memory a plaque be positioned by footpath at Strode Road bridge. Cost and funding to be discussed at next meeting.

The farmer whose field is involved with the completion of the Two Rivers Walk has not come back with a decision.

LEVELS AND FLOW – See River Heading  then levels


Trevor’s Section – A new neighbour had cleaned the banks and cut down the willow. Somebody who has lived on Strode Road for many  years and has photos has offered them to us. There is  some rubbish in river because of low level.

Bernard’s Section – When weed cutting took place upstream from the Yearling Ditch some could not be cleared due to power lines crossing the river. This has resulted in large clumps now breaking away and some has collected in the culvert under the motorway and could be holding back some of the flow towards town and another clump as lodged in the Yearling Ditch. The EA has been informed and will be sending someone to investigate.

Stewart’s Section – A large water-logged section of tree trunk was recovered and there has been some bank slippage on the south bank.

Town Section – Following weed cutting and leaf fall large accumulations have built up on the trash screen. NSC have cleared it 3 times since the beginning of October.

Paul’s section – A pipe has been gushing dirty water near premises off Strode Road LYF to investigate. Wood chips have been put down  to cover mud near footbridge into Marshalls Field.  Southern Way bridge section needs weeding.

PUBLICITY – A request for information was received from North Somerset Times with regard the river. David responded but his article was ‘severely edited’. Therefore the article which appeared  on 15 October headed ‘Homes at Risk of Flooding’  missed the point.

WEBSITE – Simon submitted a suggestion to amalgamate Land Yeo Friends with Clevedon Conservation Volunteers – held over.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING – Thursday, 5 February 2015 at 7.30 pm at Clevedon Sailing Club.


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