Aug 2012

The following is a summary of our meeting, using abridged notes from the official minutes they are not intended to be a replacement of those minutes, a full copy of the minutes are available from the group Secretary.

Meeting held on Thursday, 2 August 2012 at Clevedon Sailing Club

PRESENT: Stewart Edwards (Chair), David Robinson, Simon Osborn, Paul Trowbridge, Mike Adames, Judith James, Bob Hardcastle (Clevedon Civic Society)

APOLOGIES: Jackie Tait, M Boulden, Kay Newrick


FINANCES/GRANTS – £150 cheque received from Tyres Direct in recognition of the work done by LYF – to be used towards overhead expenses. Pressure washer purchased from Argos (£99.99) leaving £50 surplus.

RIVER CLEANING – (SE) removed tree branches by Northern Way culvert – 13/6. After strong winds at the beginning of June a fence panel and frame removed from the river by Redland Housing at the Old Dairy site – buddleia and weeds cleared behind the cinema using the boat (SE/SO) oil noted on the boom by Waverley House reported to the EA – 14/6. Dairy site trash screen cleared – 24/6. Weed cleared from river behind Leslie Darks and the Conservative Club (CC) to Parnell road (SE/SO/TI) -24/6. Removed brambles and privet from Trevor’s river bank, large trailer load taken to the amenity site(SE/SO/PT) – 11/6. Further weed clearing by CC (SE/SO)  18/6. Request received from riparian owner, in Old Street, to help with transportation of bushes and vegetation to amenity site – 29/6.  EA posted notices to say clearing / spraying to take place.

EQUIPMENT – Pressure washer purchased

FOOTPATHS/WALKS – Footpath between Strode Road and Yeo Way cleared by council

LEVELS AND FLOW – Due to exceptional rainfall towards the end of June, Cooks Clyst was lowered to the winter level (4.6 m) – 26/6. and remained at this for the following four weeks.  Level returned to summer level (4.8 m) this has improved the flow.

TOWN SECTION – Trash screen by CC fitted – 24/25 June. DR has taken numerous photographs which have been added to Alan’s talk. Redland Housing have changed the settings on their trash screen to take into account the reduction of the river bed (approx 4 ins) and debris being able to pass under it. It was reported that a large timber had dropped into the river at the culvert by Shopland’s it is thought that this might be part of the shuttering used when the culvert was constructed.


  1. Trevor’s Section – Willow tree being reduced by tree surgeon LYF to help – due 6/8
  2. Stewart’s Section – Good flow, clear water, large shoals of fish and Moorhens have raised 6 chicks
  3. Franks Section –  Footpath approaches cleared at St Andrews Close joint project with the Civic Soc (FJ/PT/SE)  as a result a future, joint, project a Southern Way was agreed

PUBLICITY – Press release sent to North Somerset Times about flooding (printed) and the fitting of the trash screen (not printed) – (DR)

WEBSITE – Two Rivers walk now on the site under ‘Walks’ in the form of a Goggle Map point of interest / where to go  provided – requires ‘road testing’ see how it works – feedback requested by Mike Adames , he will also follow-up possible signage for the walk


  1. Swan sitting on nest – two cygnets seen

DATE  OF NEXT MEETING – AGM  6th September at 7.30 pm at the Sailing Club.


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