Diary 2012:-

Now that the culverts have been cleared we thought it would be nice to record what is being done to maintain the river.

The following pictures record a year in the life of the Land Yeo

16th March – Behind the Scout Hut A clear channel allows the river to flow which in turn leads to better water quality

Stewart and Trevor are  moving debris (mostly twigs holding the silt) from the centre to the  edge in order to increase the depth and improve the flow mid  channel.

Trevor – clearing the river

It is also important to cut back some of the growth along the river.  Willow trees are a good example.  Last year the Environment Agency (EA) removed a tree that had taken root in the middle of the river which caused a blockage close to this spot


Cutting Willow

The main reason for removing the watercress is that if nothing is done it will spread across the river, reducing the flow. Last year the EA sprayed the watercress, something that they are unable to do this year due cut backs. The other option is to get into the river and remove it by hand

Watercress by the Conservative Club March 26 2012

Pickers at work

The river two hours later – it will become clear when it’s had time to recover

April  – Official recognition of the work the group has been doing

Rebecca (Wessex Water) hands Jackie and David the Wessex Watermark Award and a cheque for  £150 to cover the cost of a water pressure washer – April 2012


Tuesday 19 – Buddleia removed from the wall at the rear on the Curzon

Wednesday 27th – Stewart/Trevor/Simon were back in the river from the old dairy site to the Queens Square culvert. The plan had been just to clear the watercress that had regrown, however following the heavy rain that we had over the weekend and dropping and then increasing of the water level there was also the need to remove the debris that had built up against the various trash screens and overhanging trees.


Wednesday 12th – Paul/Stewart/Trevor/Simon back on the river by the Scout Hut to remove and cut back the under growth – a trailer load taken to the tip.

The river levels have been all over the place due to the wet weather. The EA reduce the levels whenever there is a possibility of heavy rain in order to avoid flooding to the farmers fields and the town, see question and answer section.

Monday 16th  – Frank/Paul/Stewart with others from the Civic Soc remove undergrowth from the footpath bridge at Marsh’s Field, very wet but rewarding

Wednesday 19th Stewart removed silt from the middle of the river by the Con C club in order to improve the flow, the river still at winter levels due to the rain.  NSC and the contractors also there, they will be putting the trash screen in next week.

Tuesday 24th – after a very long wait the trash screen is put in place

Wednesday 25 July – job done


Monday 7 -Helped riparian owner(s) to reduce the size of a large willow tree and remove other trees from the riverbank -Stewart/Trevor/Simon

Saturday 18 -Helped riparian owner clear their section of the river bank two trailer loads to the tip – Stewart/Simon

Tuesday 22 – Review and make good the river following the tree removal – Stewart/Trevor/Simon


Wednesday 5 -Place boom across the entrance to the culvert by Shopland’s and clear Dairy site of rubbish Stewart/Steve


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