Dec 2013

The following is a summary of our meeting, using abridged notes from the official minutes they are not intended to be a replacement of those minutes, a full copy of the minutes are available from the group Secretary.

Meeting held,  5th December 2013

PRESENT: Stewart Edwards (Chair) David Robinson, Paul Trowbridge, Simon Osborn, Judith James, Mike Adames, Bernard Gray

APOLOGIES: Frank Jacobs, Trevor & Chris Incles, Jackie Tait

MINUTES OF LAST MEETING – No meeting held in October

FINANCES/GRANTS – Current balance £272.30,  this includes the payment made for the boat insurance £48.61 (paid 3rd Dec) with the same cover as previous years. The Chairman/Treasurer/Simon have produced a spreadsheet for the accounts noting expenditure/income/plus an inventory of all of the groups assets on one page. It was agreed that payment for the hire of the Sailing Club be paid before the AGM, as the current arrangement was causing problems with the end of year accounts.

RIVER CLEANING – Outstanding weed clearing from Southern Way Bridge to the outfall now completed by EA – inspection of the river for rubbish reveals that there is some on the bank but the river is not to bad. Area around Strode Road bridge may need attention but this can be reached  from the bank. Oct 14th – Steve and Stewart cleared weed and used a torch to check culvert(s) from Leslie Darks to the Old Dairy, on the 15th a small area of watercress was cleared by Court Lane as machine access not easy. Buddleia has fallen into the river near to the Conservative club a small working to organised when conditions are suitable  – town section.

EQUIPMENT – Paul Smart (NSC) viewed our long-handled rakes to establish if they were suitable  for clearing the trash screen – see town section. Disposal of waste at the amenity site now requires a permit – 12 visits a year.  Stewart has been able to obtain one, however following a change of vehicle he will have to submit a new application

FOOTPATHS/WALKS – Mike reported that just one more section of the river walk requires to be designated as a ‘passive’ foot path. Mike and Bernard agreed to try to resolve.

LEVELS AND FLOW – See Heading The River – levels

TOWN SECTION – Following on from the weed cutting and the onset of Autumn there has been a considerable restriction to the water flow at the trash screen near to the Conservative Club.  Stewart reported that following numerous e-mails/phone calls to NSC/EA contractors attempted to clear the screen on the 17th Nov however this, for various reasons, did not resolve the issue as two days later the flow as once again restricted. On a positive note following a meeting with NSC Stewart has been able to establish a contact – see entry under equipment.


  1. Trevor’s Section  – Oct 17th – Paul/Trevor/Simon/Stewart cleared shrubs/bushes for the bank opposite Trevor’s.
  2. Bernard’s Section – Following the lowering f the levels at the end of October it was noted that the entrance to the culvert near to the motorway might be partially blocked, the EA have been advised and they will check when the levels are next reduced.
  3. Stewart’s Section – Weed cutting completed, by machine, near Linden Homes. Stewart also removed vegetation/flag Iris from his own bank
  4. Frank’s Section – Weed cutting completed, by machine – some rubbish inc tyre left on the bank near to the field.

PUBLICITY – Letter sent to the local paper had been published (not in full) also printed in the Bristol Post about the problems with disposal of waste from the river.

WEBSITE – Up dated


DATE  OF NEXT MEETING –  6th February at 7.30 pm at the Sailing Club.


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