Aug 2013

The following is a summary of our meeting, using abridged notes from the official minutes they are not intended to be a replacement of those minutes, a full copy of the minutes are available from the group Secretary.

Meeting held on Thursday, 1st August 2013 at Clevedon Sailing Club

PRESENT: Jackie Tait (Chair), Stewart Edwards, David Robinson, Andrew Player, Colin Robinson, Judith James

APOLOGIES: Mike Adames, Frank Jacobs, Trevor Incles

MINUTES OF LAST MEETING – Agreed – J James apologised if people were missing minutes of last meeting. There was a problem with her e-mail distribution list

FINANCES/GRANTS –  Frank is now receiving statements from HSBC. Balance £321.24

RIVER CLEANING – A working party had cleared watercress weed from Conservative club bridge to Parnell road. This weed is now taking hold in the river and EA have advised that it has been sprayed and that mechanical and manual clearing will take place soon. Reed clearance will be done at Marshalls field.

EQUIPMENT – Nothing to report

FOOTPATHS/WALKS – Mike Adames reported that 2 Rivers Walk was awaiting permission for permissive path along Blind Yeo. Colin Robinson reported change of ownership of fishing rights on Blind Yeo.

LEVELS AND FLOW – See Heading The River – levels

TOWN SECTION – There is some build-up on the trash screen by Conservative Club, but it is not excessive. NSC has been advised that when EA cut weed some will float down and collect on the screen. It will be monitored and NSC will be advised when cleaning is required.


  1. Trevor’s Section – Nothing to report
  2. Bernard’s Section – Considerable weed growth between Yearling Ditch and Northern Way. Hopefully this will be cleared by machine in August.
  3. Stewart’s Section – Early broods of ducklings and moorhens developing well and there has also been a late brood of 3 ducklings and 3 moorhens. The river where it was narrowed at the Linden Homes development is becoming choked with reeds and weed. Hopefully it has been sprayed and will be cleared by the contractors carrying out annual weed clearing.
  4. Frank’s Section – Reed growth has been very vigorous this year. EA advise this will be cleared by machine from Strode Road to outfall

PUBLICITY – David had nothing new to report

WEBSITE – Minutes included for those who are having problems with the attachment


Email revived

Dear Mr Osborn
We’re really pleased to let you know that Transition Clevedon is co-hosting an event with Clevedon Community Cinema – and we’d like your organisation to be involved too.
We know that the Friends of the Land Yeo are working to improve the environment in Clevedon.
On Sunday 8th September, we will be showing the film ‘Chasing Ice’, a stunningly beautiful film using time-lapse cameras over a period of years to capture the movement – and disappearance – of glaciers.
One of Transition Clevedon’s aims is to make a more resilient community and we’re keen to make this event as community based and focused as possible. This is where we’d like your involvement: before the film there will be the opportunity for everyone seeing the film to visit displays and stalls hosted by groups like yours, showcasing the community spirit and ways for people to get involved in making our town a better place to live, work and play.
After the film, there will be a discussion/Q&A session about the film and the issues that it raises.
During the evening, refreshments will be available through a pop-up kitchen serving light meals supplied by Arnett, and local beer from the Clevedon Based brewery Twisted Oak.
It should be a great evening, an enjoyable way to meet other community-minded groups and people and for us all to celebrate our town and its community.
Would you join with us and be part of this evening?
(Two complementary tickets for the film will be given to each group hosting a stall. Set up from 5pm, doors open 6pm, film at 7pm).
Very much looking forward to hearing from you soon to book your space.
Best wishes
Sally King

DATE  OF NEXT MEETING – AGM 5th September at 7.30 pm at the Sailing Club.


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