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  1. Andrew Player says:

    I often walk section of the river (and read your web-site) and did intend to become more involved with the friends, unfortunately I have been unable to do that yet.
    My concern is the state of the river down stream of the town. I have lived in Clevedon for 7 years and in that time have noticed a decline in the clarity of the river. Up to about 4 years ago the river ran clear and contained a wide diversity of plant, invertabrate and fish life, right down from the Motorway to Marshals Field. Whilst the river still runs clear up stream of the town down stream it does not and in river los almost devoid of life.
    Has the reason or this striking deference been identified?
    Andrew Player

    • landyeofriends says:

      Andrew thank you for your inquiry. I have asked that our river expert replies to you as soon as possible. I will also include the response on this web site.

    • thesnakeblog says:

      Hi Andrew,
      The Land Yeo is gradually changing due to a lot of disturbance in recent years, due in the main to blocked culverts, the ingress of trees and vegetation and the dumping of litter and rubbish. Since the main culvert in Queen’s Square was cleared, a large willow tree removed and clearing of weed, silt and unblocking of several other culverts the river has been allowed to return to a more natural state. Unfortunately as a result of this, deposited silt has now started to move slowly downstream to the Pill and this has resulted in a fine deposit of silt in the water causing it to be cloudy and murky. The fish and invertebrates etc are still there, though not so easily seen as upstream. With the action of water fowl, swans etc and bottom feeding fish, eventually the silt will filter out, ending up in the Pill.
      If you would like to learn more do come along to our meetings, where a great deal can be explained about levels and flow, winter and summer levels, tilting weirs etc. If you are really interested much can be gained by going on a guided walk sometime with one of our members.
      Thank you for your interest.
      David Robinson (Chairman, Land Yeo Friends).

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