Oct 2012

The following is a summary of our meeting, using abridged notes from the official minutes they are not intended to be a replacement of those minutes, a full copy of the minutes are available from the group Secretary.

Meeting held on Thursday, 4 October 2012 at Clevedon Sailing Club

PRESENT: Jackie Tait (Chair) Mike Adames,  Judith James, Frank Jacobs, David Robinson, Simon Osborn

APOLOGIES: Stewart Edwards


FINANCES/GRANTS Query raised at the AGM about the rental for the sailing club was clarified by the treasurer – the rent had been paid up to-date (2011/12), which was usually shown one year in arrears. The money (£10) donated by the WI for the talk that AC gave brought the cash in the bank to £309.85. A donation of £50.00 from Jeanette Clements, in recognition the work we have done, was passed to the treasurer.

RIVER CLEANING – Contractors, employed by the EA, carried out manual weed clearing and the river bank cutting from Meadow Road to Strode Road in early August – from August 21 machines were used to clear the rest of the river. The new trash screen has been cleared by North Somerset Council (NSC) following recent heavy rain fall. The trash screen at the Old Dairy site was also effected but the river was still flowing. SO reported that the river was clear of ‘rubbish’ and at this time there was no need to get the boat out. However the bridges that cross the river could do with some attention as these are under the control of  NSC it was agreed that DR would write a letter to them asking them to assume responsibility.

EQUIPMENT – Sam has been provided with a pair of waders.

FOOTPATHS/WALKS – SE attended a Town Council meeting on behalf of MA – to provide    information re signage. They requested further information, which had been pasted to one of their member previously – MA to follow-up. It was agreed that the walk will be included in the North Somerset Life some time in the future.

LEVELS AND FLOW – See entry under ‘the river’ section of the web page for details

TOWN SECTION – Trash screen(s) have been cleared. There was an unsuccessful attempt to remove timber from one of the culverts. The floating boom deployed in September was removed, following advise from the EA, as it had proved very effective at stopping everything that came down the river and had become blocked within a few days.


  1. Trevor’s Section – Willow trees removed and centre channel cleared to improve the depth of the river
  2. Stewart’s Section – Good flow of water when on summer level, reduced when lowered to 4.5m
  3. Bernard’s Section – Watercress noted between M5 and court lane – Swans required!

PUBLICITY – DR published letter to NS times re flood relief was timely and received positive feed back

WEBSITE – More than 3500 ‘hits’ ave 30 – 40 per week

ANY OTHER BUSINESS – E – mail from Clevedon First inviting us to attend future meetings for volunteer groups – SO agreed to attend.

Question raised over frequency of meeting – no change to current arrangement’s agreed

Dates for the coming 12 months agreed – 6/12  2013 7/2  4/4  6/6 1/8 AGM 5/9

DATE  OF NEXT MEETING – 6th Dec at 7.30 pm at the Sailing Club.


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