The following is a summary of our  AGM, using abridged notes from the official minutes they are not intended to be a replacement of those minutes, a full copy of the minutes are available from the group Secretary.

Meeting held Thursday 5th September 2013

Present: – Jackie Tate, Frank Jacobs, David Robinson, Michael Adames, Chris & Trevor Incles, Bernard Grey, Stewart Edwards

Apologies: Simon Osborn, Judith James, Kay Newrick, Paul Trowbridge, Colin Robinson, James Edmonds.

1. Minutes of the 2012 AGM – Circulated and agreed (no objections)

2. Annual report by chair – Read and attached to the minutes

3. Treasures report – Cash in the bank £321.24 (£222.56). Full details attached to the minutes. Pending expenditure, trailer insurance/payment for the use of the club house. Assets list to be updated to include manure forks (2) and rakes (2) donated by the Environment Agency

Issues from last year –

a) Although 2 payments shown to CSC only one was made in the year ending 6/9/2012

b) Payment (£65) for talk by Alan Cotton to be included in this years account

c) Equipment for Power Point presentation not required at the moment

d) Update to assets to include 2 litter pickers (now 6 in total) donation by EA

4.Election of officers – all elections approved by those attending the meeting and are for a period of twelve months

a) Chair – Stewart, agreed by show of hands

b) Secretary – Judith (agreed outside the meeting)

c) Treasurer – frank

David to continue as the publicity officer

5. Public areas for improvement –  Stewart suggested that we considered improving the river bank at Churchill Ave where it meets Strode Road. NSC will need to be contacted to see what can be achieved – Michael proposed and seconded by Trevor   

6. AOB

a) Stewart reported on the river following the work we had carried out over the last few years. The rivers flow, water carrying capacity and water quality have all improved in addition the slit, in the town section, is slowly being removed from the river bed. Trevor confirmed that the river on his section was a lot better and not so cloudy. The down side is that a water cress, type weed, had increased – EA to be consulted on the best way of controlling it.

b) Trevor raised the growth of shrubs/saplings on his section. Riparian owners have been contacted and with their agreement work to remove them will be undertaken in the autumn.

c) Michael reported on the continuing progress of the permissive path along the Blind Yeo.

d) Frank and Stewart will take up the invitation by Transition Clevedon to attend their event at the Community Cinema.

Date of the next AGM – Thursday 4th September 2014

(please note these are abridged notes of the meeting – full minutes can be viewed on request to the secretary). 


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