The Land Yeo Friends meet the first Thursday of every other month at the Clevedon Curzon, Oak Room Bar at 7.30pm


Thurs, 4th October 2018

Thurs, 6th December 2018

Thurs, 7th February 2019

As is well known the statutory bodies have been and will continue to be very pressed financially. We believe that the continued existence of an active LYFs group is a vital part in maintaining the Land Yeo river as a community asset, rather than a liability.

The current active members are, in the nature of things, aging. We require people from a range of age groups to help sustain the LYFs; we need,

  • minor support for administration work, to produce meeting minutes etc of the bimonthly meetings,
  • litter pickers perhaps once a year, (we do have list of people prepared to do this but more would give greater flexibility)
  • committee members to take the group forward into the next generation. (6 bimonthly meetings and an AGM).

You can express interest or request information via this site.


The Land Yeo Friends are the main reason that the river has been given a new lease of life.

Should you wish to help please use the contact details on the right hand side of this page

Donations are always welcomed from people interested in helping with our continuing

work – which entails a great deal more than removing rubbish from the river!

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7 Responses to Welcome

  1. Nick Lester says:

    Whilst I appreceate the work you have done I and my neighbours are deeply concerned over the ever decreacing level of the the Land Yeo.We live in Yeo way and our houses back on to the river .Over the past 2-3 years the river level has dropped increasingly year on year, I have photos of the different river levels and whilst I understand it drops slightly in the winter ,the evidence is apparent on the river bank to previous levels.The banks are now frequently collapsing and the bottom is clearly visible.The levels are at least 18″ lower than they were3 years ago.
    Whilst I have had a conversation with Stewart Edwards regarding this I do not feel that your organisation were too concerned over the levels.Your brochure picture distributed to all households shows the river level as it used to be, a far cry from todays level ,
    You say you wish to maintain river levels ,what are you doing to promote a higher level or are you just accepting the levels set at the outlet and tilting weir at Cooks Clyse.The river has been dropped and we are not happy about it,if it carries on the way it is going we will be left with nothing more than a stream.
    Thanks Nick Lester 12 Yeo Way Clevedon

  2. Les sutherland says:

    Two swans with five signets seen today behind curzon cinema

  3. Karen says:

    Hello, I saw an article in Local Paper, my name is Karen Pike I am the director of a Youth Project and lead worker at The Barn Youth Club Clevedon, I see you were seeking new young members for your group and I feel there is potential for us to collaborate and engage young people in an environmental project, please feel free to make contact to discuss what we could do to work together. Very much look forward to hearing from you. Karen Pike

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